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All in-person offerings, including immersions and retreats, are at my home temple space in North Dorset. The nearest train station is Gillingham, just two hours from London.

Based in a stunning luxury location surrounded by beautiful countryside. There’s even a natural pond for a refreshing swim.

Firstly please take a good look at my website and find out more about my offerings. Then…. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT…. check in with yourself to see how you’re feeling.

If you sense that “Yes, finally!” you have found what you have been seeking… that elusive someone who can really guide you towards the sexual and sensual experiences you have longed for – someone with deep wisdom and knowledge yet seems approachable and accessible – then get in touch.

If you are bored or baffled by my website, then I’m not the one for you.

If it feels right (or intriguing or inspiring), the next step is to send me a message of introduction using the contact form. The more you can share about yourself, the more we can know that there is a good fit. It’s important that there is an alignment between what you are seeking and what I offer.

The next step will be for us to have a complimentary ConnectionCall where I can find out more about you and answer any questions you might have. At that point we work out if we vibe with one another and it feels good to work together with no obligation on either side. If I feel that someone else is more suited to your needs or requirements, then I will usually make a referral so that you get the support or experience that best serves you.,

Immersive experiences are typically booked 6-8 weeks in advance and can be further.

Sessions are a blend of hands-on embodied experience, some “talky talky” theoretical learning to give background to the practical parts, time for questions and reflections, and integration. The embodied part forms majority of your experience as it is in the body that the deepest shifts occur.

Sessions usually involve one-way touch from me to you to support your body in opening and awakening to new energetic pathways. Your boundaries and preferences are discussed beforehand and honoured throughout.

Where relevant to the purpose and intention of the session there is two-way exchange of touch. This is offered for education and illumination rather than recreation or stimulation

There may be times when nudity is relevant and appropriate to the experience, such as when you are receiving bodywork. There may be times when it is not.

You will never be made to do something that doesn’t feel in alignment for you. We go step by step to the place where you can be present whatever is happening in the moment.

I believe in working within my capacity and realm of experience. The particular strand of sexuality of which I have the greatest wisdom and expertise is the dynamics and energetics between heterosexually oriented men and women. Therefore, that is the area in which I focus my offerings.

I am an advocate for each person’s choice of sexual expression. There is a rich tapestry of experience that we collectively weave. If you are seeking to explore your sexuality beyond heterosexuality, then I can recommend one of my colleagues who have walked a similar path to guide you on that journey

It depends on what you are seeking to experience and explore. If you are in partnership then I recommend that your partner is in consent with your choice to work with me, and at some point it might also be valuable for them to attend with you.

A common situation I see is a man seeking my support for a marriage/partnership where sex has dwindled. They imagine that if they just learned the right techniques, they would get more sex and all would be well. That rarely works. If there are underlying issues, resentments, and disagreements in your relationship then these needs to be addressed in a mature and responsible way. I would always recommend talking therapy first.

Working with me is not a surrogate for your intimate relationship. If you are seeking to understand yourself and your sexuality better in a wholistic way, then I am open to having a conversation with you about the best next step on your journey.

It depends on what you are seeking to experience and explore. Sometimes gender and sexual orientation matters and sometimes it does not. If you feel called to work with me, then you are welcome to get in touch to explore if we are a good fit.

My work is predominantly for people who identify as male seeking to explore their masculinity in relation to women.

I welcome trans men and have access to supervision with a trans-male psychotherapist.

I am an advocate for each person’s choice of sexual expression. There is a rich tapestry of experience that we collectively weave. If you are seeking to explore your sexuality beyond heterosexuality, then I can recommend one of my colleagues who have walked a similar path to guide you on that journey

My gift is in working with men and so that is where I place my energy. This includes working with heterosexually oriented couples of male/female partnership.

If you are a woman seeking to explore your sexuality for healing or pleasure, then I recommend the people on my Tantra Massage Training Practitioner Directory. These practitioners have trained with me and I recommend them as people who are offering services with integrity and heart.

For women who are aspiring or active sexuality practitioners, I offer mentoring supervision and private training via Tantra Massage Training.

I have a “trauma informed practice” as many people hold trauma in the body, consciously or unconsciously, and we cannot always know what will arise in the moment. In such circumstances I will support you in coming into grounded integration and make recommendations for next steps for you.

Working with trauma is a complex and specialist area. I do not specifically work with trauma as it beyond the scope of my training and expertise. However, if you have already been working with trauma through other modalities and in support with a therapist, then I am open to a conversation about working together in a triad relationship.

For many people Tantric massage is a gateway to discovering the sacredness of their sexuality. 

There is more to Sacred Sexuality than massage, and more to my offerings than being a bodyworker. My mission is to illuminate and enlighten through erotic embodiment. Many of my sessions involve touch and the essence of Tantra are woven through everything I do.

When someone contacts me asking for a Tantric massage session, I am always curious about what it is they are really seeking. What’s behind the request for a Tantric massage? What do they believe the experience of a Tantric massage will give them?

If you are simply seeking a relaxing or recreational experience (nothing wrong with that – we all need time to unwind or restore) or have a fixed idea of the experience you are seeking, then we are not the right fit for one another.

If you are wanting to explore and expand your potential as a sensual and sexual being, beyond what you have previously known, then you are welcome to get in touch.

I primarily work with people in the areas of pleasure, somatic sex education, and erotic awakening. As we live in a culture that has conflicting and fear-based relationship to sexuality, being met in a space of natural openness and acceptance often brings healing. However, I do not label myself as a healer or therapist and I would not engage with a client whose requirements for healing or therapy are beyond my scope of knowledge and experience.

As a member of The Association of Somatic & Integrative Sexologists I work under their Code of Ethics. I have professional indemnity and insurance with

It sounds like ‘Guy-a-tree’ with the emphasis in the middle. The name is Sanskrit and Gayatri is a Goddess in the Hindu pantheon. I received this name on my spiritual path as part of my initiation.

The small print

Immersives & Bespoke Retreats

Loving energy, time and devotion are invested in your immersive/retreat experience well before you arrive. To ensure the experience is exceptional for you and sustainable for us, we have the following booking and cancellation policy for Immersives and Bespoke Retreats…

To secure your booking a 50% deposit is requested with the remaining 50% to be paid four weeks before your visit. If your immersive/retreat dates are within four weeks, then full payment is required.

Deposits are non-refundable. Your booking may be transferred to a future date if four weeks or more notice is given. One transfer per booking is accommodated. For subsequent date changes we reserve the right to charge a 10% fee of the total cost.

If you need to cancel or postpone your booking, then following applies:
More than four weeks in advance – 50% refundable or transferred to a future date within one year.
Less than four weeks in advance – 25% refundable or transferred to a future date within one year.
Less than one week in advance – no refunds or transfers.

If there is a cancellation from our side for any reason, then a full refund will be offered as well as a date change at your convenience.


Online Coaching & Mentoring

Our energetic contract begins the moment you place a booking for an online session. Your intake form is read and preparation begins for the session so that you are best supported. The terms and conditions for online sessions honour this contract.

The online booking system gives you the flexibility to re-schedule or cancel your appointment up to 48 hours in advance of the start time.

One change/transfer is accommodated per booking when in accordance with the terms below.

More than 48 hours in advance of the appointment – transfer or refund (minus transaction fees)
Less than 48 hours before the appointment starts – no transfer or refund.

Please send an email to to advise of the change.

Booking a session/immersive/retreat is an agreement to these terms and conditions. If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to discuss them in advance by sending an email to