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Ignite Your Erotic Life

Imagine how different life would be if you had received education about pleasure, intimacy and erotic aliveness when we were you were young?

There are not many spaces where it’s ok for a man to make mistakes… especially not in the bedroom.

You are somehow expected to know how to do sex without ever having been shown. You ask her what she likes but don’t get much information to go on. Or she tells you what she doesn’t like and you end up feeling even more lost. You try to copy the things you’ve seen in porn but it’s a total disaster.

There’s a sense of shame around getting it “wrong”. Confusion about what a woman really wants. And a longing to be more intimate, more connected, and experience more pleasure. Much more.

Let’s get in the sandbox together…

In the world of IT, the “sandbox” is the place of development before a product or programme goes live. Beyond that, the sandbox is the place where as a kid you could play and get messy.

This is an opportunity to get the sex education you never had before… ask questions, receive guidance and feedback, and have permission to make “mistakes” so that you can discover what really works for you.

And talk about sex…

Many people tell me that having an open and honest conversation with a woman about sexuality, pleasure and desire is one of the most inspiring and liberating aspects of our time together. Having worked in the field of sexuality since 2012 there is very little with which I haven’t already seen, heard or supported.

“Gayatri really is very special. It’s not just the amazing breadth of skills she has but the great care and attention with which she uses them. I went to edges that I’ve never been to but at no point did this feel unsafe. I felt like I could go there because I had so much trust in Gayatri's ability to help me navigate there safely and always with laughter. There were such profounds moments for me.”


£550 – 3 hour session

£950 – full day of 8 hours, including light lunch

The longer we have, the deeper we can go.