What people say…

"Time spent with Gayatri leaves a deep impression. She creates a welcoming, nurturing and safe space which allowed me to go to places unknown and unexplored. I knew I was in the hands of someone who cared, an intuitive guide and also a fellow traveller. She is completely committed to being a partner to one’s own journey. I loved my time with her" – Paul

“It was beautiful, sensual, calming and yes, erotic experience, but in an ethical, professional manner that transforms it into a statement of pure spiritual enlightenment” - Martin

“What a beautiful, tender, loving, joyful and healing session you provided for me! With just your hands and your heart, you impregnated my body with the purest and sweetest of pleasures, from beginning to end” – Jerry

“I cannot let our meeting of hearts, minds and bodies pass without comment although finding the right words to do so seems near impossible. Overall, there was a lovely, unhurried, spontaneous flow to the session which made it feel very loving and natural. This may well be the result of the mutual familiarity that inevitably develops after meeting many times over a prolonged period of time. When our two souls connect we seem to form a spiritual whole. But I also think that it results from vital lessons I have learned from you about eliminating expectations as far as possible (e.g. ejaculation/orgasm), allied to a huge improvement in my ability to abandon myself completely to pleasure without suffering guilt, fear or judgement. All in all, I am astounded and delighted by the way my sexuality is continuing to develop in spite of my age and my latest misgivings about my declining sexual power, and last week’s meeting served to confirm this trend completely. I look forward to many more such occasions, full of love and joy!” - Jerry

“You have taught me so much about life and love. And shown me it’s never too late to learn! Thank you from the bottom of my heart” – Andrew

“You have had an enormous influence on my life after years of darkness. You reminded me how to be a man again. Such a special woman. I have been so fortunate to have benefitted from your love and sensuality. My mojo is now sky high and my new relationship blossoming. I can’t thank you enough” – John

“Thank you for blowing my mind, restoring my soul, and showing me my divinity” – Neil

"I adored how we went from slow, sensual passion to absolute physical and sexual adoration of each other. It’s the power of the eroticism that you ooze, to be held within that and to feel that connection is amazing to me" – Neil

“Yet another exquisite communion of hearts and bodies, from intensely sensual touch to raw and uninhibited passion, which left me joyful, radiant and shameless.”

“Another wonderful time with a wise and sensual woman. The lessons will last a lifetime. Cannot recommend enough.”

“Gayatri has unique magical properties which are difficult to describe unless you experience her in the flesh. She is a great listener, a tender lover and capable of taking you to places you didn’t know existed if you open yourself to her.”

“I'm still up in the air. The session was wonderful - all my senses were intertwined with yours in a kind of magical sensual connection. You have a wonderfully expressive face with captivating eyes, and an amazing way of touching my mind through my body.”

“It's so lovely and exciting being with you in a state of intimacy and sexual freedom. You seem to combine eroticism, genuine affection and wholesomeness in a very rare and precious mixture.”

“You reconnected me with my sexuality - a side of me I haven't felt for years and thought I would never experience again. Truly transformational!”

“I've been thinking of our time together yesterday, and I realised what it was I wanted to say, but couldn't before find the words. It was your complete generosity of spirit that touched me most. It was truly special.”