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Erotic Mastery for Evolutionary Men

Many of my clients are entrepreneurs, visionaries, change makers, and leaders. They have cultivated the skills of worldly success and achievement, yet they know that there’s more they can gift to life.

Sex isn’t just what happens in the bedroom, it’s the life force behind your purpose.

Our Western culture is addicted to stimulation, high acceleration and instant results. But guess what… that doesn’t work when it comes to cultivating a new awareness of your sexuality and the evolution of your erotic expression.

The Erotic Mastery programme follows four key stages: Activate, Attune, Arouse and Amplify.

Activate is the foundation before going onto the other levels. You can also do this level as a standalone experience.

Like any endeavour, it’s very tempting to want to rush to the peak. However, it’s essential to build base camp. If you haven’t activated and attuned your sexual energy first, then it’s all too easy to fall into the default ways of doing things.

If you keep doing the same old thing, you’ll keep getting the same old outcomes. Re-wiring the circuitry of your body and brain takes time and discipline. You’re worth t. So is She.

Level One: Activate

This is where the journey starts – with you. Owning your sexual energy and discovering how to build your capacity for pleasure. The work of becoming a self-actualised man and a better lover starts with your body and your potency. If you cannot come to know and love yourself as a man, what are offering to Her?

Level Two: Attune

Our culture tends to over-emphasise the “yang” doing aspects of sexuality – and life in general – at the expense of the “yin” being aspects. This inhibits your capacity to tune into and flow with the pleasure of the moment. Cultivating a relationship with “yin” through energetic attunement supports you in coming more fully into your erotic expression with Her.

Level Three: Arouse

From the solid foundations and sexual awareness of Activate and Attune, you are now ready to take wings and rise. Discover the anatomy and energetics of arousal. The different yet complementary paths of awakening through the body in order to open to ecstatic states of consciousness and erotic bliss.

Level Four: Amplify

Where you go from here? How do you tune into Her moment to moment and amplify arousal? Many men long to taste more flavours on the erotic spectrum yet don’t know where to start. Discovering your unique erotic makeup is one part; learning how to share this with Her is the other.

"You have had an enormous influence on my life after years of darkness. You reminded me how to be a man again. Such a special woman. I have been so fortunate to have benefitted from your love and sensuality. My mojo is now sky high and my new relationship blossoming. I can’t thank you enough."


Per Level – £2,550

All Four Levels – £9,500

Each level is offered as two full days of immersive experience spread over three days.

Arrival from 2pm on the first day, one full day in the middle, and departure from 2pm on the final day.


Sessions are recommended every 3-4 months with the series completed ideally within 18 months (maximum of 24 months) of booking.

Payment plans offered at no extra charge in order to spread out the instalments over 6 or 12 months.